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Open-Ended ROS-Based Assignment 
In this innovative project, you are invited to creatively exploit the capabilities of the Robot 
Operating System (ROS) to design and implement a robotic system (we expect that the robot 
can operate either in a simulated environment like Gazebo or in the real world). The objective 
is to apply and integrate advanced robotics technologies in a way that showcases your 
technical skills, understanding of robotics concepts, and ability to innovate. You have the 
freedom to choose your project theme, but your system must adhere to the criteria listed 
below to earn points. The total score for this project is capped at 100 points, even if the sum 
of individual criteria exceeds this limit. 
Scoring Criteria 
Real Robot Implementation (40 Points): Implement your project on a real robot, 
demonstrating physical interaction with the environment. 
Simulation Software Usage (30 Points): Utilise a simulation software such as Gazebo to 
programme and demonstrate the capabilities of your robotic system. 
Autonomous Operation (30 Points): Adopt a system where the robot operates autonomously 
rather than being manually controlled. 
Sensor-based Behaviour (30 Points): The robot reacts based on real-time sensor data. 
Custom Node Development (10 Points): Develop and integrate at least one custom ROS 
node that you have created from scratch. 
Navigation Algorithm (10 Points): Incorporate a navigation algorithm that enables the robot to 
move or plan paths effectively within its environment. 
Artificial Intelligence Integration (30 Points): Integrate an AI algorithm, potentially 
incorporating deep learning technologies, to enhance the robot's decision-making or task 
execution capabilities. 
Multi-language Node Development (20 Points): Integrate nodes using multiple programming 
languages (e.g., Python and C++), demonstrating versatility and integration skills. 
Map Utilisation (20 Points): Utilise map data for navigation or task execution, showing the 
robot's ability to understand and interact with its spatial environment. 
Map Drawing (20 Points): Equip your robot with the ability to create or update a map of its 
environment as it navigates through it. 
Environment Modification (20 Points): The robot is designed to alter its environment in some 
tangible way. 
Submission Requirements 
Project Code: Submit all source code files utilised in the development of your project. Video Evidence: Provide a video recorded on a mobile phone or camera that captures the 
following elements (NB: video evidence cannot be edited and must be shot to the end.): 
l Team Members: The video must include footage of all team members who contributed 
to the project. 
l Robot Setup: Document the setup process of the robotic system, showing the equipment 
(or simulator) and any necessary configurations. 
l Startup Process: Record the sequence of actions taken to start the robot. 
l Main Functionalities: Showcase the primary functions of the robot as it operates. 
Highlight key features and capabilities as outlined in the scoring criteria, clearly showing 
how the robot fulfills each task. 
Project Report: Submit a detailed report that includes: 
l An overview of your project and its objectives. 
l A list of scoring criteria that your robot achieves. 
l A description of the robotic system and each of its components. 
l An explanation of how each component contributes to the project objectives. 
Group workload profile: Detail the contributions of each group member including: 
l Name, student Id, and signature of each group member 
l Specifying roles and responsibilities 
l Individual contribution level i.e.: 
n 0% - I contributed the same as my team members 
n +X% I contributed more than my team members by a specific amount X% (see below) 
n -X% I contributed less than my team members by a specific amount X% (see below) 
n X% = 10%, 25%, 50%, 100% 
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